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Thermo Scientific_FD0083_FastDigest BglII_EA  冷藏 -

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EA 冷藏

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5′     A ↓ G   A   T   C   T     3′  
3′     T   C   T   A   G ↑ A     5′  

Thermo Scientific FastDigest BglII restriction enzyme recognizes A^GATCT site and cuts best at 37°C in 5–15 minutes using universal FastDigest Buffer.

Thermo Scientific FastDigest BglII is one of an advanced line of fast restriction enzymes that are all 100% active in the universal FastDigest and FastDigest Green reaction buffers.

The universal buffer allows rapid single-, double-, or multiple DNA digestion within 5–15 minutes eliminating any need for buffer change or subsequent DNA clean-up steps. See Reaction Conditions for FastDigest Enzymes for a table of enzyme activity, heat inactivation and incubation times for this and other FastDigest restriction enzymes. DNA modifying enzymes, such as Klenow Fragment, T4 DNA Ligase, alkaline phosphatases and T4 DNA Polymerase all have 100% activity in FastDigest Buffer. Therefore, enzymes for downstream applications can be directly added to the FastDigest reaction mix.

For additional convenience FastDigest Green Buffer includes a density reagent and two tracking dyes for direct loading of digestion reaction products on gels.

Short incubation times and optimal composition of the universal FastDigest Buffer eliminate star activity effects.


• 100% activity of all FastDigest enzymes in the universal buffer
• 100% buffer compatibility with downstream applications
• Complete digestion in 5–15 minutes
• Direct loading on gels
• No star activity
• 176 FastDigest enzymes available


• Molecular cloning
• Restriction site mapping
• Genotyping
• Southern Blot
• Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP)
• SNP analysis

Note: The FastDigest Green Buffer offers the same high performance in DNA digestion and downstream applications as the colorless FastDigest Buffer. For applications that require product analysis by fluorescence excitation (e.g. concentration measurements in UV light) the colorless FastDigest Buffer is recommended.

For methylation sensitivity, refer to product specifications.

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