EP Scientific_24-414/WS-3E _白色24-414透气盖_0.125 粘合盖垫 1个

EP Scientific_24-414/WS-3E _白色24-414透气盖_0.125 粘合盖垫 1个

白色24-414透气盖_0.125 粘合盖垫 1个

0.125 粘合盖垫 1个

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EP Scientific Open-Top Septa Caps, 24-414mm, bonded septa, bulk

Thermo Scientific Septa Caps include a bonded-in 0.045″ thick septa. The same high 

quality septa caps used on our Thermo Scientific VOA Vials, septa bottles and septa jars. 

Processed to meet EPA performance–based specifications for Volatile Organic Analysis.


  • White polypropylene open top cap with bonded PTFE-lined silicone septum
  • Septum permanently bonded to the cap
  • Catalog No 297-2414 is an open top cap without septum and can be used with Thermo          Scientific loose septa with 24mm diameter
  • Processed to meet EPA Performance Based Specifications for Volatile Organic Analysis


Cap only

Compatible with:

For use with Thermo Scientific VOA Vials, bottles and jars. 297-2414 closures are compatible with loose septa Cat. Nos. 288-0022, 288-0072, 288-0022BP and S24-400-S2.

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